Dustproof 3-layer ffp3 mask

▶Non-woven fabric, built in high quality meltblow cloth as filter
▶Easy to use, comfortable and breathable with ear loop tie making it fit comfortable on your face.
▶Disposable mask, effective in protecting against germs, dust and air pollution.
▶Wide soft elastic Ear bands

Anti Pollution Dustproof 3-layer ffp3 mask for adult

Three-layer non-woven masks, we use high-quality materials to ensure effective resistance to dust and spray virus; we use a wider belt to ensure that you wear more comfortable. Disposable masks are more convenient,It is ideal for every house in day to day activities as well as doctors, surgeons, dentist, dental assistance, nurses, landscapers, contractors,plumbers, exterminators, nail technicians and many more.

Product Grade

Dustproof 3-layer ffp3 mask


17.5*9.5 CM



Main Material

Supn-bond PP, Melt-blown PP(Fifter)

Executive Standard

GB/T 32610




1.Timely replace the mask,not recommended to use it for a long time

2.Please use timely after package is opened

3.Stop using this product if you feel uncomfortable or adverse reaction

4.We have Civil mask and medical mask,and diffent mask use for difficent occasion

5.KN95/N95/FFP2/N95 respirator mask/face shields


Product Detials

Breathing Dust Masks Disposable 6




1.Q: Does each mask has wrapped by plastic package?

A:No they are not individually wrapped. They are in bundles of 50 then put in plastic bag that is even sealed.

2.Q: It's used in the presence of many people.

A:I take it off in my own space.


3.Q: Are these medical masks or non-medical masks?

A: Answer: We mainly produce non-medical masks




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