3Ply Face Disposable Mask

Packing: 50pcs disposable face covers.
Easy to use: 3 Ply Polymer with Ear Loop.
Great Design: Hidden adjustable design for match most of people's nose.
Useful: Covers Mouth Face for Dust & Pollen,
One size fits most adults

Disposable Face Mask 6

3Ply Face Disposable mask, effective in protecting against germs, dust and air pollution.

Applied for gardening work, industrial produce work, pet grooming, nail shop, kitchen, cleaning work, scientific inspection, outing, travel, shopping, kitchen and many other use

Product Grade

3Ply Face Disposable Mask


17.5*9.5 CM



Main Material

Supn-bond PP, Melt-blown PP(Fifter)

Executive Standard

GB/T 32610



Product Detials

Face mask

Disposable Face Mask


High-filtration fabric

Three layers of filter protection

High density barrier


Invisible plastic nose bridge

As face shape can be adjusted

Preventing polluted air from entering

Disposable Face Mask 1

Disposable Face Mask 2


High elasticity earloop

High elasticity does not hurt the ears

Comfortable to wear


Around hemming process

Increase the seal

Prevent entry of polluted air

Disposable Face Mask 3





Q: How soon will the order be completed and shipped? A:After the transaction order is completed, we usually complete the delivery within three hours, oh,if the order volume is large on holidays or activities, there will be a little delay. Q: Can l return the goods if l'm not satisfied with the receipt? A:Yes, if the buyer is not satisfied within seven days after receiving the product, we have no reason to return orexchange the goods. Q: Are there any discounts for large orders? A:Yes, according to dfferet orders, we have different rules. The bigger the order, the bigger the discount.





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