Whiteboard Introduction

Whiteboard Introduction

Date:Nov 19, 2019

The whiteboard must be written with a dedicated whiteboard pen. Because of point 3, it is occasionally referred to as non-blackboard in Taiwan. Because the whiteboard pen contains chemical ingredients, it smells smelly.

The service life of the whiteboard depends entirely on the degree of protection of the surface! !!

① When using the white board for the first time, remember to remove the protective film attached to the board.

② Write with a good quality whiteboard pen, otherwise it won't wipe clean.

③ Wipe with a soft and clean whiteboard (if dirt is attached to the whiteboard wiper, wash it with water, dry it, and reuse it); otherwise, it will easily damage the surface of the board.

④ After using the whiteboard for a period of time, it is normal for pen marks or dust to accumulate on the surface of the board. At this time, do not wipe the board directly with a rag. To clean, use a whiteboard cleaner and a cotton cloth or paper towel. The method is: first spray whiteboard cleaner on the surface of the board, and then wipe it carefully with a soft, clean cotton cloth or a lint-free paper towel.

⑤ Do not lean against anything on the surface of the board in order to avoid hitting the surface!


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