What Are The Production Processes Of Iron Wire Crafts

What Are The Production Processes Of Iron Wire Crafts

Date:Aug 27, 2020

We often see some iron wire crafts with great appreciation value. When we go to buy iron wire crafts, it is difficult to find what we want. Assuming that we understand the manufacturing method of wire crafts, can we do it ourselves? Well, this way we can get the wire crafts we want.

   1. Raw material processing of wire crafts

   First of all, we prepare the raw materials according to the manufacturing requirements. The types of iron wire needed to make the iron wire jewelry holder are the light wire with the surface of the iron wire polished, and the circle of thin iron wire around it becomes auspicious wire. The light wire in the center is removed, and the hollow is similar to the spring horse wire. There are also filaments with lace around them after processing by themselves.

   2. Straightening

   When these iron wire materials are imported from the manufacturer, they are mostly piled and bent. To complete the manufacture of the iron wire jewelry rack, the iron wire raw materials need to be straightened. The thing used to straighten the iron wire is a modified bench drill. The drill bit is hook-shaped and rushes forward horizontally to fix one end of the iron wire. First stretch the piles of wires. It is best if two people work together. One person loosens the wire plate and the other gradually pulls it out. Determine the required length and fasten one end of the iron wire to the bench drill. One end was firmly clamped by other workers with pliers. Hold the wire with your hand and start the bench drill. The forward and reverse replacement rolls can achieve the effect of not damaging the resistance of the iron wire and fully straightening. After the confession has been straightened, cut the wire from the end of the bench drill to complete.

Wire dish rack

   Three, wire pressing treatment

   Next, we need to flatten some of the wire data, that is, wire pressing. The pressing wire will be used in some part of the bending and finishing operations. The binding iron wire is completed by a special wire pressing machine. First, the wire material is gradually passed through the inlet and put into the binding wheel. The function of the inlet is that the iron wire will not sway at will during the pressing process, so that the bound iron wire is even. Smooth. Following the roll of the wheel, the other person should take the wire that passed through the binding wheel and stretch it out in time. The strength of the two people should be properly coordinated during operation to prevent risks. Then, the whole iron wire is cut into small pieces as required, and this is the iron wire processed by pressing the wire. The shape of the wire bound by different wire materials is different.

   Fourth, the manufacture of mar silk

   Horse silk is a kind of hollow iron wire material similar to spring, which needs to be processed and manufactured separately by us. Its hollow feature is very suitable for use in the manufacture of loose leaf jewelry cabinets. The thing used to make the horse silk is still a bench drill, and the light silk with a larger diameter is fixed in the drill head as the core. Pass the thinner wire through a special thread rolling device and wind it around the fixed core. Start the bench drill and catch the thread rolling device without rolling. The thin iron wire follows the rolling of the drill, is formed in the thread rolling device and gradually moves out of the thread rolling device, and is coiled onto the core. The thickness of the rolled horse silk is determined by the diameter of the thread rolling device. In order to make the horse silk evenly, pay attention to the force and speed of the thread rolling device's outward movement during operation. Too much force and speed are not conducive to processing good horse silk.

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