Stationery Development

Stationery Development

Date:Nov 04, 2019

In China, there are about 34 million leaders of enterprises and institutions alone, and hundreds of millions of office employees. The potential of office stationery cannot be underestimated. With the development of e-commerce, online purchasing has penetrated into office stationery, breaking through the traditional store retail model of stationery sales. The influence of the traditional wholesale stationery market is gradually diminishing, and brand products are the main mainstream for office products. At the same time, with the penetration of environmental protection concepts, more and more consumers are aware of the importance of environmentally friendly stationery. Stationery made of non-toxic and recycled materials will also become the new darling of the consumer market.

Humanized and stylish design

Humanized and fashionable design First of all, office stationery should be individualized. There are more serious traces of imitation in the domestic stationery market. In the new century, office workers are pursuing personality, fashion and humane office stationery. Designers should seize this psychological characteristic to create stationery products that are full of fashion. For example, several office correction tape stationery products of the Le Pusheng brand, using bright and vivid colors for innovation, stationery products have strong era characteristics , Fashion is concise.

Green stationery

Green environmental protection stationery should advocate green concept. The environmental protection of stationery is gradually becoming an important consideration for people's choice. Enterprises should cater to consumers' environmental protection needs and further expand the market of environmental protection stationery.

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