Notes On Face Masks Kn95

Notes On Face Masks Kn95

Date:Apr 29, 2020

KN95 Face mask specifically refers to a mask that meets Chinese standards

KN95 Face mask is a kind of mask with filtering efficiency of particulate matter in our country. Particulate matter includes dust, smoke, mist and microorganisms, but it is not defined for the size of particulate matter

The range of use is different: including medical and non-medical types. Among them, the masks with the "medical" logo in the masks can be used by medical personnel, and the masks without the "medical" logo are not recommended for medical personnel, and ordinary people can use them.

It cannot be washed. The main filtering effect of kn95 masks is through the principle of electrostatic adsorption. Each small molecule of the filter cloth is covered with a lot of high current, and small particles will be adsorbed after passing through. If washed with water, it will cause the static electricity to disappear, and the filtering effect will be reduced.

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