Installation Of Whiteboard

Installation Of Whiteboard

Date:Nov 20, 2019

Whiteboard installation instructions: There are generally three installation methods for fixed magnetic whiteboards:

① Straight-hanging installation method: connect the nail to the wall, and then hang the whiteboard.

Advantages: easy installation

Disadvantages: easy to deform, easy to fall off

② Perforation installation method: Perforate the whiteboard frame and nail it on the wall with long nails.

Advantages: simple installation

Disadvantages: Damage to the frame, damage to the beauty

③ Invisible installation method: first fix the "L" type mounting nail on the wall, then put the whiteboard into the range determined by the "L" type mounting nail, and finally fix the whiteboard to the "L" type mounting nail.

Advantages: firm, no deformation, no damage to the frame.

Disadvantages: troublesome installation, time consuming and laborious, high installation cost.


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