How To Scrub The Dish Rack

How To Scrub The Dish Rack

Date:May 18, 2020
When scrub bowl wears, use dishcloth not only the cupboard door cupboard body that will push pull bowl wears ark is swabbed clean, put the dish chopsticks on bowl frame even neat and orderly, just be helpful for maintaining the clean sanitation of push-pull type cupboard, at ordinary times swabbed only need to brush with damp dishcloth of cupboard door can maintain period of time.


Scrub bowl wearing, even pay attention to place the local position of the pot and basin to scrub, the outside of the pot and basin is sometimes not easy to scrub to or the food inside there is blackish water, put in the bowl wearing for a long time easy to breed bacteria, so want to the large area of the pot and basin storage location to scrub and clean. After scrubbing each stand with a cloth, dry it.


At ordinary times should the tableware such as the porcelain bowl, chopsticks, spoon in ark of bowl wearing regularly undertakes disinfection processing, boil water to boil perhaps with microwave oven heating disinfection, perhaps use disinfection ark heating disinfection, such ability keeps ambry clean, avoid the breed of bacterium. Keep bowl racks clean and dry on a daily basis. If there is a drain wet place, wipe it off in time.


Matters needing attention:

Alleged regular disinfection cleans put cupboard, cycle can locate a week is better, sufficient time of Sunday.

Keep your cupboards dry, or bacteria can grow in airtight places.

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