How To Arrange The Wine Rack? What Types Of Wine Racks Are There?

How To Arrange The Wine Rack? What Types Of Wine Racks Are There?

Date:Aug 24, 2020

With the improvement of living standards of modern people, almost everyone has a few bottles of red wine and a variety of different wines in their homes. You should at least know these about wine racks.

What is a wine rack?

Wine rack refers to a rack for placing red wine, wine and various drinks.

For the purpose of safety and beauty, it is used in commercial wine cellars, shopping malls, bars, families, hotels, western restaurants and various high-end clubs.

In various occasions where wine and red wine need to be placed, wine racks are extremely important, both in terms of viewing and practicality, especially large shopping malls and wine cellars and high-end clubs dedicated to wine storage. , The importance of the wine rack is self-evident

The role of wine racks

1. The red wine purchased by ordinary family type cannot be consumed at one time. When storing, the wine should be placed in contact with the cork to keep the cork in contact with the wine to keep it moist. It is also possible to tilt at a small angle to allow the cork to contact the wine. Let the red wine residue settle at the bottom. If the cork is dry, it will shrink and leak, causing the wine to taste bad, so it is most appropriate to place it horizontally.

2. The wine and wine racks were originally designed to facilitate better storage when people can’t finish drinking red wine at one time, but as the design continues to update, gradually the wine racks are the same as wine, meaning a kind of taste and variety. All kinds of peculiar wine racks are endless! It seems to be incompatible with this kind of taste, and perhaps life is more interesting.

3. The wine rack can also be said to be a kind of decoration, which makes the whole look more upscale and tasteful. A very important function of the wine rack is that it is often the main part of the overall wine cellar design, and all designs such as decoration are carried out with it as the center. It incorporates many local French cultural elements and caters to the highest level of intelligent elements. Therefore, the creativity of the wine rack design sometimes determines the aesthetics of the overall wine cellar.

Types of wine racks

At present, the wine racks on the market generally include solid wood wine racks, stainless steel wine racks, stone wine racks, etc., because of the climate, stainless steel wine racks are more common in the north, solid wood wine racks are more common in the south, and stone wine racks are rarely seen.

1. From the perspective of collectors' emotions

The usual wooden wine racks are made of very pure logs, with fine natural wood texture; smoothly polished without prominent nodes; the smallest details reflect the designer's mind, try to retain its natural and simple characteristics. Under the action of a layer of transparent paint on the surface, the original nodes and cracks on the wood are strengthened.

The simple and natural wooden wine rack is an innate favorite of red wine and wine collectors. It fits people's psychology of returning to nature, can present beauty in a natural way, and exudes an idyllic and tranquil atmosphere; each This exquisite shape not only brings extremely powerful visual impact, but also gives collectors a pleasant visual enjoyment.

2. From the perspective of wine storage

The high density of solid wood, moisture-proof and pressure-resistant, shock-absorbing performance and the fusion of wood molecules and wine are beneficial to the better fermentation of red wine and wine.

The wooden wine rack not only plays a role in placement, but also because of its similar material characteristics to the cork, it can show the quality of storage conditions: the wine rack has fine and smooth grooves, parallel or vertical, which can make different shapes The wine bottles can be stored safely, which is convenient for the owner to manage; the strength and time length of the solid wood of the wine rack before being smoked and roasted will give the wine rack different fragrances. During the storage and fermentation of the wine, the solid wood wine The wood aroma of the frame will melt into the wine through the cork, making the wine more rich.

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