History Of Pen Holders

History Of Pen Holders

Date:Nov 08, 2019

The records of the pen holders are mostly from the Ming Dynasty. According to the "Tian Shui Bingshan Lu" {included, the list of the property of Yan Song (1480 to 1567) in the Ming Dynasty was checked. Bull horn pen holder, Geyao broken magnetic pen holder, etc.

Wen Zhenheng's "Long Wu Zhi" pen holder special cloud: "(pen holder) Xiang bamboo, palm is the best, moso bamboo with bronze inlay as elegant, rosewood, ebony, rosewood are also available." Tu Long's "study room appliances "Jiang" pen barrel day: "(pen barrel) Xiang bamboo, with sandalwood and ebony edge inlaid sitting as elegant, and no more." Wen and Tu are both famous literati in the late Ming Dynasty. There are many descriptions of appliances. It's just that the two are in love with Yajie of bamboo and wood, and they don't pay enough attention to other texture pen holders.

In summary, the clear description of the pen holder began in the Ming Dynasty. In terms of physical objects, most of the pen holders we saw were products from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Therefore, from the perspective of physical objects and literature, the pen holder should appear in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, and probably began with bamboo pen holders. Since then, it has become the most important tool for placing pens in China.

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