Different Material Dish Rack

Different Material Dish Rack

Date:May 26, 2020

1, material

The material that tableware rack USES compares key, because it is contacted for a long time with the material such as water, vinegar, alkali. The material of this stainless steel is better, can prevent rust, and has certain acid resistance (to avoid vinegar accidentally dripping on top of the corrosion shelf), alkali resistance, when cleaning more convenient, with a soft cloth to wipe the line, we use the time is also long.

dish rack

2, capacity,

The size of the dish bowl rack is closely related to the population. For the situation of large population in the home, it is recommended to choose a large capacity, lengthen and widen the dish bowl frame. The population is less, the thing that use is not much also, can choose small capacity, lest occupy too much dimensional position.

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3. Easy disassembly

In the kitchen, there are a variety of different tableware, such as: chopsticks, cups, plates, bowls, they use accessories will be different, if you can disassemble at will, but also in the installation of convenience, can meet our different needs.

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