Competitive Pressure In The Stationery Industry

Competitive Pressure In The Stationery Industry

Date:Nov 05, 2019

The three major market disadvantages of the office stationery industry and the two major external pressures are mainly reflected in the following points: Most stationery manufacturers have problems such as low product grades and relatively backward production management levels. They can only engage in internal vicious competition and competitiveness in the low-end market. Poor, it is difficult to enter the high-end, high-margin product market that is occupied or even monopolized by foreign brands. The traditional low-grade stationery products have become saturated or even in excess, but there is still a considerable gap in mid-to-high-end products. There are two difficulties facing China's office stationery industry: on the one hand, trade barriers between countries are increasing, which has brought a lot of pressure on stationery trading companies and stationery exporters; on the other hand, with the impact of China's WTO Increasingly larger, internationally renowned stationery industry giants have been competing in China, and market competition will become more intense.

The editor's analysis concludes that the increasingly fierce competition in the office stationery industry's dilemma will accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring and the industry's reshuffle will further accelerate. Some industries have low relevance, low added value, low efficiency, and backward technology. Enterprises with prominent structural contradictions will certainly be eliminated.

At present, China's high-end office stationery industry is still in an era of brand vacancies. The scale of domestic stationery companies is generally small, and their competitiveness in capital, market, technology and information is not very strong. Even if some companies have unique technologies and processes, their market potential is not fully realized because their brand advantages are not obvious. The large-scale involvement of foreign office stationery brands will certainly exacerbate this contradiction and expose local office stationery companies to unprecedented challenges.

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