Classification Of Stationery

Classification Of Stationery

Date:Nov 02, 2019

First, stationery office supplies

1. File and file management categories: folder with holes (two-hole, three-hole folder), non-hole folder (single strong folder, double strong folder, etc.), report folder, board folder, classification folder, hanging folder, Computer folder, bill folder, file box, data book, file bag, file sleeve, business card box / book, CD bag / book, briefcase, zipper bag, card bag, file cabinet, information rack, file basket, book stand, photo album Drawing folder

2.Desktop supplies: stapler, stapler, hole punch, scissors, utility knife, paper cutter, ticket holder, staple series, pencil sharpener, glue stick, glue, tape, tape holder, calculator, Ruler, pen holder, pen bag, calendar stand

3. Office book: wireless bound book, spiral book, leather book, loose-leaf book, paper pad, post-it note, note paper / box, meeting book

4. Writing correction supplies: gel pen (signature pen), ballpoint pen, pencil, desk pen, whiteboard pen, highlighter pen, pen, marker pen, watercolor pen, POP pen, rubber, correction fluid, correction tape, ink refill, Soft pen, crayon, writing brush

5. Financial supplies: books / books, carbonless copy notes, vouchers / documents, carbon paper, UFIDA supplies, note binding machines, financial calculators, stamp pads / oil stamps, check folders, special seals, stamp boxes, portable vaults, numbering machines

6. Auxiliary supplies: newspaper rack, magazine rack, white board series, ID card, packaging supplies, stand series, certificate series, key management

7. Computer peripherals: CD-ROM, USB flash drive, keyboard, mouse, mobile hard disk, voice recorder, plug-in board, battery, headset, optical drive, card reader, memory card

8. Electronic and electrical appliances: row plug

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