Breathable Colorful Fashion Face Cotton Mask

Breathable Colorful Fashion Face Cotton Mask

Date:Aug 05, 2020

Premium cotton

Pattern Print Customized

Accept Low Quantity

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LONG-LASTING ECONOMICAL FACE MASK - Washable and reusable. Existing cotton masks change shape when washed, whereas this mask is sewn in a three-dimensional shape and does not change.


BREATHE COMFORTABLY - Stop being frustrated! This improved the difficulty of breathing when wearing other masks by avoiding direct contact between the nose and mouth.

X6 拷贝

MASK WITH FUNCTIONAL OPTIONS - It is effective in blocking static electricity and helps prevent external substances.

X7 拷贝

HARMLESS TO HUMANBODY - This cotton mask is made of 100% pure cotton, harmless to human body and soft to the touch. It is also hygienic with a three-dimensional shape that does not directly touch the mouth.

X8 拷贝

FASHIONABLE CUSTOM DESIGN - Neither white, nor gray. This mask is designed with various patterns, and you can choose and wear it according to your taste. Colorful masks make you stand out!

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