Birth Background Of Computer Rack

Birth Background Of Computer Rack

Date:Nov 13, 2019

With the advent of the information age, computers and networks have almost become an important part of people's work and life, especially young and middle-aged people. However, the "computer disease" caused by improper use has also come, with cervical spondylosis the most common. Neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, numb fingers, dizziness, etc. Mainly due to improper use of the computer caused tension and strain of the muscles around the cervical spine, cervical disc and facet joint degeneration.

The laptop stand is mainly composed of a cantilever. The "cantilever", as the name implies, can be extended freely, like an arm, without restrictions. Furthermore, it is made of aluminum alloy or carbon steel, which is fastened and fixed diagonally, and there are protective devices on all four sides of the diagonal clips. The protective devices are used to protect the computer from the parts in contact with the computer. Turn.

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