Basic Meaning Of Pen Holder

Basic Meaning Of Pen Holder

Date:Nov 07, 2019

The pen holder is one of the study utensils. Most of the utensils are cylindrical mouths with straight mouths, straight walls, and similar mouth bottoms. Their shapes are relatively simple and there are no major changes. The age of the pen holder can no longer be tested. Wu Luzheng of the Three Kingdoms, "Mao Shi's Grass, Wood, Birds, Animals, Insects, Fishes, Stalks, and Children": "Take the mulberry and bear it in the air, or in a pen holder in seven days. It is not known whether the pen holder he said is today. Judging from the handed down products, most of them are objects of the middle and late Ming Dynasty, and the objects unearthed from the tombs are not found in the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Ming Tu Long's "Stationery Elegant Edition": "It is made of Xiangzhu, and the rosewood ebony edge mount is elegant. Ming Wen Zhenheng's "Long Wu Zhi": "Pen holder, Xiang bamboo, and palm trees are good." Therefore, there is a pen holder for the late Ming dynasty, but Zha Song Wuming's "Zhi Xun Zhe": "There is a clever stone pen holder with the name '扈'; there is a bamboo pen holder with the name 'Qiu Zhong' which is unmatched in the world." . It seems that the age of the pen holder should at least be pushed to the Song Dynasty. Because this is the category of cultural history, it will not be discussed here.

Porcelain pen holders should have originated in the Song Dynasty: Mr. Feng Xianming, an expert in ceramics appraisal at the Palace Museum, said in the "Chinese Ancient Ceramics Illustrated Book" that "pen holders, study utensils, and pens were inserted. They began in the Song Dynasty and were popular in the Qing Dynasty. "The diameter of the pen barrel in the Song Dynasty is small and not passed down from generation to generation." ?

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