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Date:May 09, 2020


When use notebooks must have the same troubles. The notebook is placed directly on the desktop, and the problem of placement angle will make typing very tiring.

Because it is flat on the desktop, whether it is typing or operating the touchpad, an excessively straight angle will make the wrist particularly tired, especially when high-frequency text is entered. And the screen is below the line of sight, and the cervical spine will not be able to stand it for a long time.


In addition, the heat dissipation of many notebooks is at the bottom. When the computer is under high load, the heat dissipation will be greatly affected.


So the notebook wants to be comfortable, and it is basically necessary to equip it with a stand.

The notebook stand can be divided into four categories at present, one is the inclined angle for easy typing, the other is the portable use outside, the third is to raise the height for viewing the screen conveniently, and the fourth is to close the external display.

Tilt stand

The idea of this type of stand is to make the notebook raise the back and tilt the keyboard forward. While it is convenient for typing, the screen will also rise.


This is how it looks when I use it. I have bought two gifts for this one, and I like the feedback. Very simple structure, can meet the needs of typing, heat dissipation and raising the screen.


There are many brands of this kind of bracket, usually can pass the conventional laptop size of 12 inches -15 inches.


Portable stand

In fact, there are so many kinds of brackets, I am most fond of this kind.

This is not yet available in China, but it is also in a crowdfunding state overseas. After reading some of it, it has been given a high rating and the price is very low.

This is a brand-new stand way, you can understand it as a notebook protective case with stand function.

It is attached to the bottom of the notebook by 3M glue, and the middle part is attracted by a magnet. Very light and thin, he can basically ignore his existence when put together.


When you need to use the stand, you can turn it into a stand just by turning it over, which is very convenient. The triangular structure can support up to 18 pounds, and supports a maximum of 15.6-inch notebook computers.


Lifting height bracket

This type of bracket is suitable for use in fixed office locations and should be the most widely used.


All aluminum alloy material, workmanship and shape are worthy of their own high-end positioning.

AP-2V - 副本

Adjustable height is more friendly, you can adjust to the most comfortable angle according to your sitting posture and habits.


Today, I will mainly talk to you about the types of notebook brackets, and their respective advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a suitable bracket can work more efficiently with less effort.

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