What kind of material is good for the baking pan?

Date:Jul 30, 2020

My main considerations when choosing a bakeware are: whether the material is safe, whether the heating is uniform, how the heat transfer is, whether it is easy to demould, and whether it is easy to clean.

 The main bakeware currently on the market are: silicone bakeware, glass bakeware, ceramic bakeware, aluminum alloy bakeware and carbon steel bakeware.


1. Silicone bakeware:


Excellent: Winning in appearance and color, plus non-stick and non-sticky, easy to clean, it has become the most popular bakeware material.

Shortage: The biggest defect of silicone material is safety. Even if food silicone is used, silicone oil will be decomposed at high temperature. Silicone oil may contain phthalates, which are harmful to the human body.

Summary: It is not recommended to purchase. If necessary, please choose carefully!


2. Glass baking tray:

Excellent: It is beautiful and easy to clean.

lack: high temperature resistance is average, and ordinary glass bakeware will have the risk of lead production.

Summary: It is recommended to choose a special brand. German WECK and Japanese Iwaki heat-resistant glass bakeware are both trustworthy.



3. ceramic bakeware:

Excellent: The biggest feature is the same as the glass bakeware, and its high heat resistance can reach 800℃.

Deficient: Ceramics will produce harmful substances after high temperature, and they are relatively heavy.

Summary: Choose a big brand. The gloss and color sense of Le Creuset in France are very good representatives.


4. Aluminum alloy bakeware:

Excellent: It is more popular with the public, with good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and it can be integrated into a single piece for easy cleaning. lack:

There are also people who worry that aluminum ions will precipitate out of aluminum alloys during high-temperature baking, and excessive intake of aluminum elements can easily cause Alzheimer’s. But don’t worry, you can choose the aluminum alloy bakeware that has been treated with anodizing process. The metal surface is relatively stable and safe.

Summary: It is recommended to buy, but the price is slightly higher.


5. Carbon steel bakeware:

Excellent: Compared with aluminum alloy bakeware, carbon steel bakeware is safer. Corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and other aspects are comparable to aluminum alloy.

lack: thermal conductivity is slightly inferior to aluminum alloy bakeware.

Summary: It is recommended to buy, the price is medium.

Now the common bakeware materials are generally: aluminum alloy and aluminum plate, food safety can be completely assured, they are all food-grade plates and coatings.

Of course, there are also many other bakeware materials: silicone, ceramic, carbon steel, stainless steel!

If it is used at home: aluminum alloy and carbon steel will do!

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