What is an interactive whiteboard

Date:Dec 01, 2019

The interactive electronic whiteboard itself is equivalent to a projection screen (no projection screen is needed). When the projector shines on the whiteboard, due to the special structure inside the whiteboard (the principle of electromagnetic induction), the whiteboard is equivalent to the computer display screen (touch screen). ), Use a special pen instead of the mouse to operate on the whiteboard, you can run any application, you can edit, annotate, save, etc. any operation that can be achieved on the computer using the keyboard and mouse. The interactive electronic whiteboard also supports copying. It connects the electronic whiteboard directly to the printer and uses a specific whiteboard pen to write the blackboard. When you need to print, you can print in color or black and white by pressing the print key on the panel.

It can also be used as a PC whiteboard, connecting the electronic whiteboard to a PC. At this time, the electronic whiteboard is equivalent to a particularly large handwriting tablet, which can be arbitrarily written, drawn and displayed on the PC in real time. . This feature generally requires the support of a dedicated application. If you use specific applications such as MICROSOFT's NETMEETING, the interactive electronic whiteboard can communicate with other offices and conference rooms through the network to achieve network meetings.

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