What is a long tail clip

Date:Dec 02, 2019

The long tail clip is also known as a phoenix clip and a ticket clip. The handle is removable, the paper is tight, and it is not easy to fall off. The pure metal material is easy to disassemble, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. To help you study and work, is a good helper for your office.

The types of long tail clips are hollow long tail clips, plastic long tail clips, iron long tail clips, and stainless steel long tail clips.

The long tail clip is composed of a spring leaf clip body and two longer tail handle spring steel wire clips. The clip body is a spring steel plate formed at one time. The tail handle is made of steel wire. The end connected to the clip body can move. After the file is completed, the wire card can be laid flat, which is convenient for file stacking and saves space.

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