The role of wine racks

Date:Dec 09, 2019

1. The red wine purchased by ordinary households cannot be consumed at one time. During storage, the wine should be placed in contact with the stopper, so that the cork is in contact with the liquor and kept moist. It can also be tilted at a small angle, which allows the cork to contact the liquor Let the red wine residue settle at the bottom. If the stopper is dry, it will shrink and leak, which will cause the taste of the red wine to be bad, so place it horizontally.

2. The original design of the wine rack was only for the convenience of people to store better when they could n’t drink red wine at one time. However, with the continuous updating of the design, the wine rack gradually became the same as red wine, meaning a kind of taste and variety. There are endless strange wine racks! It seems to be incompatible with this taste, maybe life is more about taste.

3. The wine rack can also be said to be a decoration, which makes the whole look more upscale and tasteful.

4. A very important function of the wine rack is that it is often the main part of the overall wine cellar design, and all designs such as decoration are carried out with it as the center. Taking the wine rack of the Louis cellar as an example, it integrates many French cultural elements and caters to intelligent elements at the highest level. Therefore, the creativeness of the wine rack design sometimes often determines the aesthetics of the overall wine cellar.

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