The function of the flower stand

Date:Dec 12, 2019

The flower stand is also called green gallery, flower gallery, pergola, vine shed, etc. It is a small-scale facility composed of pillars and a structure with a lattice bar on the top, which allows vines to climb and cover. In all kinds of gardens and green spaces, the flower stands with their lively shapes, colors and plant expressions together create a landscape space that integrates use functions and scenery viewing. Its main functions are as follows:

Organization space

As a kind of architectural sketch, the flower stand itself has a certain internal space and external extension space. Compared with other garden space (such as buildings, plants, etc.), it has two characteristics. Duality. Therefore, the flower stand can not only complete the function of organizing the space independently, but also form a composite garden space with other gardening elements.

2. Make up the landscape

The general form of a flower stand has a certain volume, such as width, height, length, and area. There are independent or relatively independent layout design features in the form of the plane composition and the appearance and color of the elevation. Together with the close combination with the climbing plants, it has formed a unique feature that combines hard landscape and softness. Landscape forms that blend together. Therefore, whether it is a stand in the form of a flower stand independently, or a flower stand attached to the building, it has a positive landscape effect.

3.Sunshade rest

Garden green space is a scenic land that provides outdoor viewing, sightseeing and rest for the general public. In the garden, there are six major gardening elements such as mountains, water, buildings, roads, squares, and plants. Among them, only the traditional architectural factors belong to the category of indoor activities. In the green space, the skeleton of the scaffolding provides a transparent resting space for visitors, and the climbing and covering of the vine plants make the top of it have the function of shading. In the hot summer, the scenes where visitors visit, watch and rest under the flower gallery, and get along well with the natural or quasi-natural environment, will make full use of the functions of the garden green space.

In addition to the main functions of the above three aspects, the columns or between the columns of the flower stand can also be combined with facilities such as Bogu stand or cloth exhibition stand to display potted flowers or bonsai to fully display the unique charm of the flower stand in combination with plants.

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