Shape of flower stand

Date:Dec 15, 2019

The shape of the flower stand is more flexible and full of change. The common shapes are single-piece, free-standing, gallery-style and combination.

1.Single-piece flower stand

The general height can be determined by the height of the plants. It is built on the garden or rooftop garden as a climbing plant support. It can be made into prefabricated units and assembled randomly.

2.Freestanding flower stand

Because the shape and composition are concentrated, it is most suitable for setting independent scenes or at the intersection of sight lines. Plant climbing should not be too much. It only adorns and complements the environment. It is more important to express the shape of the flower stand. The height can be determined according to actual needs. Generally it is 2100 ~ 2700mm.

3.Veranda flower stand

Its shape and structure are similar to ordinary corridors, and it is the most common form. The shape is more important than the change of the top frame, including flat frame, spherical frame, arch frame, slope roof frame, folding frame, etc.

4.Combined flower stand

The flower stand can be combined with roofed buildings such as pavilions, which can enrich the shape and provide an event space for rainy use. Generally, a flower gallery-style pergola is combined with a pavilion, a landscape wall or a free-standing flower stand to form a more ornamental combined building. This combination requires combining actual situations, arranging the positions between individuals, and paying attention to balance in body weight.

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