Metal Foldable Laptop Stand

Date:May 20, 2020

IDEAL for 7"-17" LAPTOPS, iPads and other gadgets, books. Very lightweight -€“ 3,5Lbs (1,5kg), made of high quality aluminum alloy, compact, foldable and easy to carry

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT from 1,5X19 Inch (4 to 48cm). Stopper to hold the laptop at any angle. Table size 10X16,5 Inch (27 X 42cm)

FLEXIBLE ADJUSTMENT (over 7 positions): adjustable and versatile. To save your time we added degree scale indicator. After ergonomic evaluation tests we provided the list of the best possible postures (find it among our photos above). Work on your laptop conveniently: lying or sitting in bed, standing, sitting on the sofa or carpet. Use the laptop at any angle that provides absolute comfort for your back in any position

LAPTOP TRAY is EQUIPPED with the SIDE MOUSE PAD (6.3"x5.9"). It is very useful in case you work with databases, tables or play games. Also useful for cup or phone. The mouse pad can be attached to the left or right side for both lefties and righties and is easily removable if not needed

 Let your laptop be as a portable and convenient as it is meant to be! It helps to use the laptop for work and relaxation (games, TV series, movies, browsing the internet, breakfast in bed). Use desk for you needs: choose a comfortable position and angle

02 Metal Foldable Laptop Stand

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