Introduction of hanger

Date:Dec 03, 2019

Hangers are racks for draping clothes. "Luban Classic Carpenter's Mirror" talks about two kinds of well-known hangers and flower hangers. The hangers of the time were different from the ones they are today. Most modern hangers are hook-type or branch-type, and most of the clothes are hung on the hooks at the collar.

Ancient clothes hangers, including hangers of the Qing Dynasty, were mostly in the form of crossbars, with columns on both sides, bases of upper and lower wooden piers, crossbars or rafters between the two seats, a beam at the top of the column, and columns at both ends, carved at the ends. With dragon and phoenix pattern or ganoderma or cloud head. The Anzhong brand under the crossbar has an openwork decoration on it, which mainly plays a solid role. When the clothes are taken off, they are placed on the rails. In addition, there are movies of the same name.

In China, "drying racks" generally mean "lifting drying racks", which are divided into manual and electric. Manual (hand crank) is more popular. The reason why electric is not popularized is due to the immature technology of the entire industry and the limitations of after-sales service-after all, it is embedded in the ceiling, not as easy to remove and repair as small appliances. Still dominated by hand (hand crank).

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