How to choosing and cleaning the baking pan?

Date:Jul 24, 2020

 Many friends usually bring a bakeware when buying an oven, and most of them are rectangular and black.


So the topic of bakeware seems a bit redundant? In fact, it is better to equip more than two baking trays, which is more convenient for daily use. Especially when making a large number of baked goods, one or two baking trays can be baked while making the next one.


The rectangular baking pan with the oven is mainly used to support other baking molds. It can also be used as a mold, the more classic is the making of cake rolls.


The choice of bakeware

When buying baking pans, in addition to considering the price factor, more attention is needed: water separation is the primary consideration. The baking pan is used to hold the baking semi-finished products. The baking pan with good water separation is easier when the cake or bread is unmolded. We don't want cake batter to stick to the edge of the baking pan, and it will be "deformed" as soon as it is demolded~ The layer is one of the important properties of the bakeware, and the material of the coating determines its good performance, so you must keep your eyes open when choosing, and choose a coating that is recognized by the public and healthy and safe. Heat resistance is a characteristic that every baking appliance should have. A bakeware with fast heat conduction is sometimes not a good thing, it will make the bottom of the finished product easy to burn, and it is difficult to control the temperature of the lower fire. Of course, in the selection of bakeware, the most important consideration is the inner diameter of your own oven. Don't make the bakeware unable to be used in the oven because of the size difference.


Cleaning the bakeware

For bakeware with non-stick coating, we must not clean it with hard tools such as wire brushes.

If the baking pan is stuck with seasoning and oil, you can add 4 tablespoons of starch in 200ml of water, mix the two and pour it into the baking pan with residual heat, wait until it is completely hard and transparent, and peel it off gently. You can easily remove the grease on the baking tray.

In order to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the baking pan, to ensure that the pastry and the baking pan will not stick, spread it on the baking pan with grease paper/tin foil, and then put the semi-finished product for baking.


Conversion of bakeware

I want to make a cake, but my own bakeware is not the same size as the recipe bakeware described on the Internet or in the book. How do I convert the size? Then use the baking pan conversion method to solve the problem, for example: the online recipe is a 35cmX28cm baking pan, we need to change it to a small baking pan 28cmX28cm cake batter conversion 35X28=980, 28X28=784, 784÷980=0.8 will The ingredients in the formula are multiplied by 0.8 to convert the small size to the large size in the same way.

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