How to choose capsule coffee?

Date:Aug 31, 2020

About capsule coffee machine

The capsule coffee machine is a very popular coffee making machine. A coffee capsule can be manipulated by one button to make a delicious cup of coffee. It makes coffee making easier and more convenient.

I have tried many brands of capsule coffee machines. In general, the Nestlé "Dolce Gusto" capsule coffee machine with the highest market share in mainland China is one of my favorite brands.


The reasons are as follows: high value, convenient operation, and user-friendly design; it can achieve high-pressure extraction, which is the basis for obtaining a cup of delicious espresso, but many other brands of capsule coffee machines cannot do it; The design that I love is that DolceGusto's capsule coffee machine does not need to be cleaned after making coffee, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection, while most other brands need to waste water to clean the inside of the machine.

About coffee capsules

The coffee capsules used in the capsule coffee machine are also called capsule cups. Generally, each brand has its own unique cup design, and coffee cups are not universal between different brands. We still focus on introducing DolceGusto coffee capsules!


DolceGusto coffee capsules have too many flavors to choose from, ensuring that everyone who drinks coffee can find their favorite flavor.


DolceGusto's capsule cup has a proprietary technology called "Smart Capsule", which can guarantee the freshness of ground coffee and the stable flavor of each cup of coffee. The completely sealed and food-grade capsule material can maintain the various aroma and flavor characteristics of coffee for up to 12 months, just like freshly ground coffee.

Recommend a flavor that I really like

With so many flavored capsules, some people will definitely wonder which one to buy. In fact, it’s hard to adjust. Everyone has their own preferences. It’s only if you try it yourself.

I have a Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine at home, so I have been drinking it. Among the many flavors, I like its espresso series the most, especially the recently launched "Catuai Brazil Limited Edition" espresso. I like it and recommend it to everyone!


This coffee uses light roasting, which reduces the bitterness of general espresso, so you can taste more flavors of specialty coffee.

The flavors I can capture are: the mellow aromas of nuts and grains, the fragrance of honey and violets, and the aftertastes have the sweetness of cranberry, apricot and peach. At different temperatures, the layering of this coffee is still quite strong, so I suggest that you don’t "suffocate" the first few times you drink, but you should savor its various flavors.


A cup of high-quality espresso coffee must be rich in fat (Crema) to ensure its deliciousness. Some people describe fat as the soul of espresso. Fortunately, this Catuai espresso coffee has the charming flavor of specialty coffee, it also has a rich oil and a dense taste. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as "velvet".

I tasted it for some professional coffee-making friends in the coffee circle, and they all felt that a capsule coffee could have such a delicious taste. It was a pleasant surprise! Hope to impress everyone too!


About Espresso

When it comes to espresso (Espresso), I have to talk about Italian coffee culture.

The Italians invented the espresso machine and also invented the Espresso. Their obsession with Espresso is no less than Sichuanese's love for spicy hot pot.


Italians go to cafes for coffee, Espresso is the first choice. If someone shouts for a cup of cappuccino, it is almost always a foreigner!

It costs extra money to sit down and drink coffee, which is probably only in Italian cafes. But Italians don’t care. Anyway, you don’t need to sit down for a cup of Espresso. He raised his neck and drank it in one bite.

If you drink this "Catuai Brazil Limited Edition", you can also learn from Italians, take a sip, and enjoy it! My experience still feels pretty cool! !


The DolceGusto capsule coffee series fulfills everyone's desire to drink a cup of delicious coffee quickly and conveniently at home, and also makes everyone feel the beauty of life. In fact, the Nestlé Duoqukusi official also stated that the "Duoqukusi" series was launched to cater to consumers' pursuit of "design aesthetics", "various choices" and "high-quality coffee".

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