History of hangers

Date:Dec 04, 2019

"Drying rack" is a major product in China. The industry has been in existence for almost ten years. Since its inception, the technology has been continuously improved and changed. Its basic composition is: hand crank (responsible for lifting and self-locking), wire, steering , Top seat, drying rod, hanger. The hand crank is the core component of a drying rack, which is equivalent to the engine of a car. From the original plastic hand crank of "love clothes" to the "all-metal" hand crank of "good wife", materials, structures and styles are constantly being updated However, there is still no major breakthrough in quality, and the maintenance rate of drying racks is still concentrated on the key component of the hand crank. The quality of the hand crank is still the focus of the industry. Until 2007, "Dr. Ju" first launched a hand-cranked device with a five-year warranty, giving the industry a peace of mind. This hand crank has six characteristics that are unprecedented in the industry. Due to its stable quality, its structure has begun to be imitated by many manufacturers in the industry, becoming a model!

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