Form of flower stand

Date:Dec 13, 2019

In gardens and green spaces, the arrangement of flower stands is generally not limited by terrain, landforms, and other conditions, and can be "follow the shape", so it constitutes the characteristics of the variety of flower stand types.

1.Dot-shaped flower stand

This kind of flower stand is generally arranged at the focal point of sight, making the shape and composition more concentrated, because it has better viewing effects, so the climbing plant layout should not be too much, as long as the effect of decoration and matching can be achieved, it is more important than the flower stand. In the garden, the shape is generally used as an independent viewing scene, so the shape is more demanding.

2.Straight flower stand

This kind of flower stand is the most common form, similar to the familiar grape stand. The method is a straight column, and then beams are arranged along the direction of the columns. The two rows of beams are arranged with flower bars at a certain distance, and the ends are cantilevered, and a stool or a flower window partition is arranged between the columns.

3.Folded flower stand

In the form of a plane, the form of a flower stand that handles the turning points at different angles, such as 60 °, 90 °, 120 °, or an arc, is called a folded flower stand. In general, the right angle treatment is located at the right-angle section of the site; the acute or obtuse angle treatment is located at the corner of the site with rich variation; the arc treatment is located at the edge of the circular square.

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