Form of clothes rack

Date:Dec 05, 2019

There are many types of drying racks. Here are some common types.

Balcony lift

It is a kind of drying rack installed on the balcony to lower the drying rod by hand or electric. After the clothes are dried, the drying rod is raised. This product is suitable for family and dormitory balcony.


The wall-mounted wall-mounted drying racks are installed on the wall. The installation height is generally to the chest of the person. The design should be able to be lifted and lowered. The wall-mounted drying rack is usually placed against the wall and does not occupy space. These clothes racks are short for hotels, dormitories, hospital wards, family rooms, and more. The long one is suitable for outdoor use, such as a villa or a house with a yard.


Floor-standing floor-standing drying racks are a type of drying racks that are directly placed on the floor. At present, there are X-type, butterfly-type (also called wing-type), and horizontal-bar and parallel-bar types. Suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoors.


The stretch-type drying rack is also installed on the wall. It can usually be pushed against the wall and pulled out to hang clothes when in use. Suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoors.

Regardless of the type of clothes rack, its main function is to dry clothes. Everyone should pay attention to practicality and economy when buying.

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