Common materials for flower stand

Date:Dec 14, 2019

Because the form of the flower stand is various, and it is not subject to or restricted by the environment, it has a wide range of materials. Generally, it can be divided into two categories: structural materials and attachment materials.

1.Architecture materials

Architectural materials refer to the construction materials of flower stand sketches, which are generally divided into artificial materials and natural materials:

(1) Artificial materials. Including metal, cement and plastic products.

(2) Natural materials. Including bamboo wood gallery, tree gallery and stone gallery.

2. Attachment material

The attachment material used on the flower stand is mainly plant material, which has a wide selection in use. In principle, any plant that can climb can be used, but it must be selected in accordance with the main purpose of the flower stand. For example, a flower stand mainly based on shading can choose plants with dense foliage, long green periods, and certain ornamental value; The main purpose of the flower stand is to choose plant species with flower, fruit or leaf viewing. Common types of woody plants are wisteria, Chinese brocade, American brocade, rose, rose, rosewood, ivy, vine, grape, kiwi, etc .; leaf flowers can also be used in the south. Some herbaceous plants, such as gourds, pumpkins, cucumbers, etc., can also be used in the southern region, such as green dill, red (green) gems and other plant materials. But for the point flower stand, because of its high ornamental value, it should be less when planting plants, so as not to block all the flower stand by the branches and leaves of the plant.

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