Color of flower stand

Date:Dec 16, 2019

The color of the flower stand is mainly transmitted to people through its physical, texture and color materials. The general flower stands mainly use artificial materials, and of course some are made of wood, bamboo or plastic. The focus of the processing of various flower stand forms is modeling, and special attention should be paid to the coordination between the flower stand and the plants to maintain a natural and beautiful style. Reinforced concrete beam heads are generally not treated, forming a typical style of cantilever beams, which are straight and simple and generous. Generally, the surface of prefabricated reinforced concrete bars should be coated with white paint. If it is made of imitation wood or bamboo, it should have the same color as the raw materials. The use of plant materials for flower stands has a wide range of choices. Because of design requirements, you can choose plant types with flower, fruit or leaf to arrange the flower stand, creating a landscape with green leaves, yellow flowers and red fruits.

In short, the flower stand is the closest to nature in the garden, and it is also a garden piece unique to Chinese gardens. It is a form of transition from indoor to outdoor space, which has the comprehensive functions and functions of pavilions and corridors. At the same time, it also conveys visual perception to people through the texture of the surface of the material.

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