Advantages- of -steel- hanger

Date:Jul 30, 2020

Advantages of steel hanger:

1.The metal texture gives a noble and fashionable feeling;

2. It is strong and durable; 3. It can bear heavy clothes without deformation. Deficiency:

1. It is heavy and not easy to carry; 

2. The rust stains caused by corrosion are not beautiful and affect the use; 

3. The end is easy to scratch the body; 

4. The cost is high and the processing is more troublesome. 

Advantages of wooden clothes hanger:

1. The material itself does not pollute the environment; 2. The cost is ordinary; 3. It gives people the feeling of being close to nature, warm and elegant; 4. Unique texture, different visual feeling. 


1. Easy to be eroded by mold; 2. Easy to crack or deform when exposed to water; advantages of plastic hanger: 1

1. Colorful world; 2. Easy processing and low cost; 3. Light weight, easy to handle and carry. Deficiency:

1. Production and recycling will pollute the environment;

 2. It may deform or break when bearing heavy clothes; 

3. Wear will affect gloss and beauty. You can choose the clothes hanger you like to use according to your own preferences and the advantages and disadvantages of the clothes hanger, so as to have a better life

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