Wooden Bottom Rotatng Capsule Holder

Metal and wooden material
360 degrees rotating
black color


        • Model YZ1372

        • NESPRESSO COFFEE CAPSULE RACK- This Nespresso capsule holder has been designed to hold all your coffee capsules in one convenient location. This way you will never lose another capsule again and can store them in this rack as soon as you buy them.

        • MINIMAL SPACE- This Nespresso capsules holder comes in a rack or carousel format. This means that the storage is vertical instead of horizontal, and this takes up very minimal kitchen counter space. It is an ideal storage solution for smaller kitchens.

        • IDEAL FOR COFFEE LOVERS- This coffee pod storage can be used to store all your coffee pods in one place. This will you will always know where your coffee pods are and you store them securely in one location as soon as you get back from the store.

        • HOLDS 40 CAPSULES- This coffee pod holder has the capacity to hold 40 individual coffee capsules at a given point. This ensures that you always have backups of the flavors you desire and easily know when you’re running out of coffee pods.

        • 360-DEGREE ROTATION- This Nespresso accessory features a 360-degree rotation that is smooth and silent. No jarring loud noises in the morning while you’re waking up. This rotation allows you to view all your capsules and select the one you want.

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