3.5 Inch Big Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Clips

3.5 Inch Big Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Clips

10 Pack 3.5 inch
Big Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Clips for Drying on Clothesline Clothespins Hanging Clip
Hooks for Home Laundry Office Use
  • SIZE: 3.5 Use these stainless teel wire clothespin clamps anywhere in the home. They work perfectly for clothing in the laundry room or closet, towels in the bathroom, and for plastic bags and other -doo dads in the kitchen. They even work well for organizing accessories in the garage. Pack these stainless steel wire clothespin clamps into your suitcase or travel bag for easy storage while on the go.

  • SUPER STRONG You won't find stainless steel wire clothespins clamps with hanger hooks nearly as strong as these ones.They're high among the strongest you'll find anywhere. Their premium extra thick stainless steel construction accounts for much of this strength. Unlike plastic or wood clothespin clamps, theses ones don't bend, snap, or otherwise break. On top of this, they're rustproof so they won't deteriorate in that manner either.

  • MARK FREE AND CONVENIENT No one likes marks or impressions left on their delicate clothing. Yet this is exactly what tends to happen with wooden and plastic clothespins.That's not so with these stainless steel wire clothespins clamps.They're designed to be as gentle as possible on your delicate clothing and other accessories. The metal clamps are smooth and constructed in such a way to minimize marks.

  • PERFECT FOR THE KITCHEN The high-quality construction of these stainless steel wire clothespin clamps doesn't just translate into strength.It also translates into durability. These clamps will stand up to the test of time. Use them time after time again, in the toughest home and travel conditions, and they'll continue to work like new. You'll be surprised that you're still using the same clothespin clamps with little to no wear after years of use.


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